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Bargain Central
(From our October 2017 Issue)

Remembering Performing Arts

Debbie Neal Image

By Debbie Neal

The art of theatre is used to bring a visual realization of characters and scenes from the body of books and transcend them into scripts for audiences to enjoy.  Actors coupled with props, lights, sound and spoken words collectively provide everyday people with an escape from their own existence into a realm of fantasy unfolding on stages across America.  It’s like being transported from one’s hectic day to day life to viewing life’s experiences associated to characters in a play.

If you like watching online videos or standard TV, grabbing a red box video while at the grocers, or better yet, going to the movies, then attending plays at local theatres is another option worth exploring.

In addition to the play, most theatres provide drinks and appetizers, while others, a full course dinner.  Sometimes you need to think outside of the box from normal routines to spice up relationships instead of “honey, you want to watch a movie tonight?” with popcorn in hand, thinking this is going to score some points for a date night.  Not so fast buddy!  I’d take a play over another night on the couch with your snoring halfway through the movie.  Ladies can I get an AMEN?

On a serious note, I’m simply trying to encourage that we all support the art of theatres over traditional on-screen acting.  Locally, we have a slew of theatres that offer top-notch plays with often acclaimed actors with Broadway and off-Broadway experiences on their resumes.  The following are just a few of the local theatres for you to check out:

For Theatre reviews, visit Bill Wheeler’s blog at  Bill is a former Henry Award Judge for the Colorado Theater Guild (CTG) and a good friend whom I’ve attended plays with along with his wife, Roxie Wheeler.

If you know of any local or national bargains that you’d like to share with the community, email Bargain Central at