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A Look at Books

A Look At Books
(From our November 2017 Issue)

By Barbara Huff
Penrose Library Children’s Services Supervisor
Pikes Peak Library District

Studies have shown that cozy reading time with children builds brain synapses that will help with many different learning experiences at school. Reading out loud to your child helps develop good listening skills as well as an amazing vocabulary. It’s one of the best ways to prepare children for school! It’s not too late to help your older readers with listening skills and vocabulary, too! Go ahead, turn off that TV and read something wonderful together! Here are some books you might enjoy:

Trees Image

The beautifully illustrated picture book, Trees, by Lemniscates is one of those rare books that can be used many ways, from story time to classroom instruction. The simple, yet sometimes profound, text combined with the bold illustrations is reminiscent of block prints.  From seeds to shade and roots to branches this lovely book will be a wonderful jumping off place to enhance deep discussions about the wonder of trees. It will appeal to ages 2 - 10.

Share, Big Bear, Share Image

Maureen Wright and Will Hillenbrand have collaborated again to bring us another wonderful Big Bear book called Share, Big Bear, Share! Kids will love repeating the chant over and over and will gleefully help you read this again and again.  Hillenbrand's illustrations are endearing and Wright's rhyming text is fun to read out loud. It would be perfect for a pre-school story time on manners, bears, forest creatures, or just for fun.  For ages 3 -6.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Image

There is so much to love about Jerry Pinkney's beautifully illustrated version of the classic tale The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  His troll is mighty scary, indeed! But make sure you take a look at the end papers with your child.  You will see the story change and new friendships formed. This is a great book to read and explore with children 4 - 8.

Wolf in the Snow Image

Kids ages 4-8 will enjoy telling you the story of what happens in the nearly wordless picture book, Wolf in the Snow by Matthew Cordell.  On the way home from school, a little girl finds a lost wolf cub in a snowstorm and takes it back to the pack.  She then gets lost herself and her new-found wolf-friends watch over her until her family finds her.  There is something for all, from scary adventure to tender moments, in this wonderful picture book.

Beyond the  Bright Image

An infant washed up on the beach and Osh took her in and raised her with the help of a neighbor, Maggie.  The young girl, Crow, was ostracized by the community because, surely, she came from the leper colony on the nearby island of Penikese.  But Crow was independent, strong, a child of the sea and as able as anyone to withstand the storms that would come into her life at the age of 12.  Readers will eagerly accompany Crow as she faces adventure and terror, shows courage and self-determination and solves the age-old questions of “Who am I?” and “Where did I come from?” Beyond the Bright Sea, by Lauren Wolk, is an exciting page turner for children age 8 -13.

You can find more wonderful book suggestions and lists at  or come and see us at the library!  A librarian’s favorite part of the job is helping you find something new to read!