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A Look at Books

A Look At Books
(From our October 2017 Issue)

By Barbara Huff
Penrose Library Children’s Services Supervisor
Pikes Peak Library District

Did you know we have a lot of great children’s series books available as downloadable e-books?  Having trouble finding a popular title on the shelf?  Check out our e-books on Overdrive at  Type in your library card and pin number and enjoy the benefits of using e-books for free!  There are plenty of early chapter books for your new, independent readers to browse. Speaking of new readers, we have lots of wonderful beginning readers for the children just learning to read.  Here are a few new titles to try:

We Are Growing Image

Need a book about watching grass grow?  We have the perfect one, We Are Growing, by Laurie Keller. Children will love exploring the humorous illustrations over and over again and will pick up some fun catch phrases to try out at home. Keller gives the blades of grass a lot of character with a few strokes of color and huge, googly eyes. This book, for children ages 5-7, is a new title in the "Elephant and Piggie Like" reading series.

BeThe Cookie Fiasco Imageginning readers will enjoy Hippo and friends as they try to figure out how to divide 3 cookies among the 4 of them in The Cookie Fiasco by Dan Santat.  Speech bubbles with different sizes of type and fonts are supported by hilarious illustrations.  This book is a part of the "Elephant and Piggie Like" reading series and Piggie and Elephant introduce the story in their own endearing way.  Happy reading for children 4 – 7!

Bob and Tom Image

Bob and Tom are two ridiculously funny but stupid turkeys who can't really understand the world around them.  Kids who have discovered the fun of telling jokes and figuring out humor will love these silly lunkheads. First and second graders who are reading independently will also enjoy the short sentences and large type of the picture book Bob and Tom by Denys Cazet, for ages 5 - 8.

The Good for Nothing Button Image

Yellow Bird shares his new button with his friends but it doesn't do anything.  Or does it?  It seems Red Bird and Blue Bird have the idea that the button can make Yellow Bird mad.  Uh, oh out!  What will the button do next? Read Charise Mericle Harper's book, The Good for Nothing Button, to find out.  This beginning reader for ages 5-7 is a great addition to the "Elephant and Piggie Like" reading series.

Barkus Image

Barkus by Patricia MacLachlan is the first book in a series of easy chapter books for new readers.  When Barkus comes to live with Nicky and her family, life just gets a little more exciting each day. Barkus is sneaky, loving, frolicky, curious and an all-around great new member of the family. It will be fun to see what high jinx he gets up to in the next book.  For ages 5 - 8.

We have amazing free programs at PPLD for you and your family to enjoy including story times, music and movement classes and STEAM programs for children ages 9 - 12!  Check us out at